Sales coaching – accelerate sales achievement

If you want to accelerate sales achievement for your team, then you need to do more than inspect their pipeline, read them the riot act when the numbers are poor, or send them on a training course. What they really need is personalised focus.

If people are really the most important resource in any company, why are they often treated as robots who need to deliver on their objectives, without adequate help or development? Professional (and for that matter personal) development is critical to the success of any team, function or company.

Take Philip, the marketing manager for a large technology company, who has been tasked with achieving a 40% increase in MQL this year with the same budget, and a more complex set of services. One option is to let him figure it out, after all he was hired because he has experience and knows what to do. Then watch him fail, or worse still fail while creating unnecessary stress and knocking his confidence. A second option is to provide him with coaching and training so that he is supported in this Hurculean effort.

Training enables Philip to gain new skills or ways of doing things that could help him reach his goals. A more efficient way of using the MAP so he can reduce time spent on inputting data. Or training to provide greater insight into the CIO challenges and pain points, which enable him to develop better and more relevant messaging for his campaigns. There is also training in new digital marketing practices, more effective lead generation, and managing the gap between sales and marketing.

Then there is the more personal approach of professional and ongoing coaching. A one-to-one session every few weeks with a coach will enable Philip to bounce ideas around, discuss different ways of doing things, even just get stuff of his chest. Coaching is usually centred around a particular task or set of objectives and is therefore very focused. It involves Philip’s manager too, so that everything is aligned. It is possibly the most useful investment a manager, or the HR department can make in their people, with results being visible very quickly.

Imagine Philip has had some relevant training, and has been supported with professional coaching. Imaging that with this scenario he makes his incremental 40%, and this gives him immense satisfaction, his confidence is high. The company has spent a bit in his development, but has benefited from the return they wanted, and a confident, happy, and engaged employee. Now imagine Philip had been left to swim on his own. He achieved an incremental 20%, he is stressed, burned out even, he feels unsupported, and is on the verge of quitting. The company has saved on professional development but at what cost?

I provide coaching and training to sales and marketing people in order that they can accelerate sales achievement and performance, and be fully supported and engaged for years to come.


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