June 15


Always list your projects

By Ralph Varcoe

June 15, 2020

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1.12   List Your Projects

Productivity hack no.12 from '60 Ways to Hurray! by Ralph Varcoe.

This tip is simple. Create lists of your projects and actions.

Write a separate list for every project with the key action points or process steps that will enable you to achieve the big goals. The action points are like waypoints on your journey. All you have to think about is getting to the next waypoint. You can stop thinking about the long distance, or how much work there is to do. It’s just a nice little step along the way.

Focusing on one point in the list at a time and making that your next focus means you move forwards and stop worrying about the big stuff.

To take this waypoint-by-waypoint approach means you need to be really clear about the steps you’re going to need to complete to get there. You have to map them all out. Plan in great detail so that all bases are covered.

You need to feel like you’re joining the dots of the To Do list, and eventually a picture emerges.

It seems simple, and it is. But there’s a lot of thought that goes in to putting a complete list together.

Start with the end in mind and then define the process steps to build on each other towards the ultimate goal.

I tend to write lists everywhere and for everything, so I don’t forget. And so I know what little step I need to take next.

And then, once I’ve completed things I tick the items off one by one. A big fat tick if it’s on paper or green colour in a cell on Excel. Either way I make it obvious and clear that I’ve made progress.

Once I’ve ticked something off I simply move on.

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