Hybrid Hypnotherapy Training is the way forward. Why?

Courses are big business. Thinkific and Udemy are platforms dedicated to online learning. Kajabi is a platform dedicated to online learning and creating membership sites to a bunch of online learning. If you search for NLP training of Hypnosis courses on any of the learning platforms, you’ll see a whole heap of overwhelming options to choose from. They’ll all claim to be the best, with an edge. Some will have certificates and allow you to claim you’re certified.

Don’t get me wrong. Some of them will have top-notch content presented by top-notch trainers. Others will be, and this is a technical training term, utter crap. But people still buy them.

You, on the other hand, are not a sheep, blindly doing online courses so you can say you’ve studied something. You’re the kind of person who wants to learn how to be a practitioner, who wants to experience what it feels like to do the exercises and who gets the understanding from real people of what it’s like to become an effective practitioner.

In-person training cannot be underestimated, and to be honest, all reputable training companies used to run in-person training before Covid drove some online.

And, the thing is, some of the training that was driven online is simply excellent, just like some of the content on the online learning platforms is truly excellent. But we all know that you cannot become a surgeon by reading books or watching YouTube shorts. You actually need to see live demonstrations and then hold the scalpel and perform the operation yourself while under supervision so that when you make the cut, it’s in the right place to the right depth and doesn’t puncture a major artery.

You won’t get a driver’s licence by reading the Highway Code and passing your driving theory test. You actually need to sit in a car, learn how to control the engine and the brakes. You need to experience the fast-moving traffic on a busy A-road to judge when to overtake or join at a major junction. You need to feel what it’s like to sit in traffic and edge forward so you can get through the lights without getting stuck in a fine-resulting yellow grid. I know I would not be happy to let my teenagers loose, in control (I use that term advisedly) of a car without significant practical, hands-on experience. And passing a test of their practical ability.

So, when it comes to training to be a practitioner, assume it should be the same. Assume your patients or clients want you to be one of the really great practitioners who has done more than read a book or two and watched some online videos.

Just like the young wannabe driver, you can get the best of both worlds by undertaking the theory, history and knowledge sessions via online learning. This phase is done before the practical starts. It’s the phase before the driving lessons begin because the world wants you to know what a red light means and a one-way sign is telling you BEFORE you set foot in the car.

Undertaking the theory, history and knowledge sections online before your practical in-person training is the smartest way to learn. Learn ‘the knowledge’ at your own pace, at home and bring it with you into the highly practical, hands-on environment of demonstrations, practice sessions and supervision so that you experience, feel, and understand what it’s like to be a practitioner. That’s why the smart way to learn to be an ace hypnotist is via Hybrid Hypnotherapy Training.

When choosing a course to go on, make sure it is properly accredited (not a made-up certificate) and that the bulk of the course is face-to-face. This is the only way to truly become the best practitioner possible.

You owe that you yourself and to your clients.


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