why being a freelance consultant or coach is better when you're part of a team

There are many reasons why; from being part of a team that's working for a common purpose, having support and coaching on hand from the other partners, getting opportunity to collaborate on projects together, being part of a brand that's focused on promoting the work, skills and successes of all our partners, to providing opportunities to learn, grow and develop, and ultimately share in the profits of products which we create together.

The thing is, you still maintain your own independence. We're not the boss of you. You're the boss of you. No corporate politics, no B.S. reporting, no performance appraisals. Just a bunch of like-minded people who are insanely dedicated to delivering tremendous value to clients through coaching, consulting, training and the like.

And, unlike other outfits there's no 'you need to invest thousands to join our gang' entry criteria. In fact, we'll invest in you first. You just need to make sure you're ready to join in a movement we're passionate about to help everyone on this earth accelerate their performance.

If this sounds like something you'd like to consider then fill in your details below and press submit.

Why you?

  • You're a leader with experience - both good and bad
  • You're a coach or consultant who is passionate about enabling individuals to do their best ever work and achieve their goals 
  • You see the benefit of working with like-minded people to drive change
  • You're grounded and self-aware with the right amount of humility to be on the constant look out for what will make a difference to your clients
  • You may want to change path and move from corporate to a freelance coaching and consulting profession but do it with a group rather than dive in solo
  • You have competencies around sales and marketing in particular
  • Your reputation with former colleagues is first class
  • You have an insatiable appetite for developing and curiosity in all things
  • You are very focused and like to own and drive actionable and practical solutions for your clients

Why us?

  • We provide a group of like-minded coaches, consultants, trainers and facilitators to work with and bounce ideas off
  • We'll provide a blueprint for how to successfully develop your practice and generate income quickly 
  • You work independently but together - you can collaborate with other partners if you wish, or on your own
  • We'll support the development of your consulting and coaching practice so you can earn a good six figure income, year after year
  • We'll take care of all client billing and chasing on your behalf so you can focus on building your practice and delivering value everyday
  • We'll provide you business development support to aid in the creation of meetings and follow ups
  • We'll provide an online booking capability that syncs with your calendar and takes payment by credit card for your coaching sessions
  • You'll benefit from a brand that's growing, with additional products being made available for users
  • You'll benefit from many marketing initiatives to drive awareness and create inbound opportunities
  • You'll be able to participate in the co-development of new physical and online products (courses, podcasts, books) and promote these to increase your own personal brand and earnings
  • You can opt to have us create your own podcast (in which you are the host and the star) to help build your personal and professional following

how we know this can be done

Ralph Varcoe, Accelerate Performance's founder, was at a crossroads in 2012. Go back into corporate or choose the path of a freelancer? It wasn't until a close friend and mentor told him that 'commitment is power' that he got off the fence and created his new destiny. He chose freelancing. It was exciting and nerve-racking at the same time.

He clubbed together with a group of like-minded people and suddenly it was no longer a daunting proposition. There was a group of people to discuss with, throw ideas at and feel connected to as he built his pipeline up.

Within two months he had a couple of clients both wanting him to drive projects for them. So started the happy task of prioritising the delivery while continuing to build future pipeline. It was amazingly good fun, and even though it required focus and hard work it felt like he was building his own business, which, in fact, he was. That gave an enormous sense of pride.

At the first face-to-face get together of all the like-minded consultants and coaches, Ralph discovered that he had been the quickest to land clients and had billed the most of any rookie. Of course, they felt this should be celebrated, and drinks flowed courtesy of Ralph's wallet. But that was quite OK with felt great.

We know that freelancing with Accelerate Performance is a great choice for those wanting to experience freedom and togetherness at the same time, for those who want to work in corporates but not for them, for those who want to help individuals succeed, and see the value in doing it with a group of like-minded people who delight in helping people make lasting positive change.

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