June 16


Learn to reward yourself when you reach a goal

By Ralph Varcoe

June 16, 2020

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5.4   Mmmmmm....That Feels Good!

Productivity hack no.51 from '60 Ways to Hurray! by Ralph Varcoe.

If you work and never rest we know the quality and quantity of the output diminishes (section 1.4 How to Concentrate Better). Even if you do rest you may feel a bit dull. Yes, you can see the green cells on the spreadsheet that show things are getting ticked off the action list. That makes you feel good but it’s sometimes not inspiring enough on its own to keep you going at it.

Give yourself a reward every now and then. Set up a system whereby when you’ve achieved the first three or four items (or whatever works for you) on the action list you reward yourself with something. Then after completing the next few reward yourself again.

I’m not necessarily advocating spending lots of money on treats, or unhealthy biscuits, cakes or sweets. I mean having that cup of real coffee from the canteen upstairs and not the instant in the little kitchen area. Or giving yourself 15 minutes to browse your next holiday destination. Perhaps even book that holiday once you’ve achieved the main goal.

Whatever you consider a treat, schedule it in and work towards it. Give yourself a reward for achievement but NOT time spent. Remember you can work for 3 hours or half an hour on something, depending how much pressure you put yourself under. Reward yourself for achieving the milestones and not for the hours put in. You don’t want to reward unproductive time.

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Ralph Varcoe

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For over 20 years, Ralph has run sales and marketing teams across large enterprises and smaller start-ups, at companies such as Orange, Tata Communications, Virgin Media, Spirit Ai and others. He brings a wealth of experience in personal and professional development with a laser focus on enabling people to achieve more than they thought possible. He's a published author and musician with a passion for creating - be that change, the right solution, exciting campaigns, the right environment for customers to succeed, or podcasts, videos and written content.

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