sales team evaluations

The problem with sales

Running a Sales Team Evaluation will fix these common problems:

  • There's just not enough revenue coming through the door.
  • Deals keep slipping - every month - making it impossible to predict sales volume and outcomes.
  • There's not enough well-qualified pipeline in late stage development to make up for the slips.
  • There's not enough new pipeline in the top end of the funnel.

So, let me ask you....

  • How many of your sales team are over-achieving?
  • How many are selling to their full potential? Do you even know what their potential is?
  • If sales people are missing numbers or finding it difficult, how do you know if it's the sales people, ineffective coaching from sales management, poor recruitment, lack of training, a skills gap, or the sales person's Sales DNA?

Wouldn't you want to know, so you can make informed decisions about how best to deploy them, who to train, what to coach them on and how to plug any skills or competency gaps?

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Answer all the sales questions which keep you up at night

We run a thorough and comprehensive evaluation of your sales people and sales management to provide you with all the answers.

Covering 21 core competencies for sales people and 20 for sales managers, including their:

  • Will to Sell/Manage - desire, commitment, outlook, responsibility and motivation
  • Sales DNA - the predictors that show what type of sales role the person is most suited to
  • Selling Competencies - the teachable and coachable competencies required to be an amazing sales person or manager

Actionable Outcomes

Here's the thing... If you get no actionable insights identifying how to improve the quality of your team, then you pay nothing. Nada. Zero.

But, having provided Evaluations for 30 years to...




Sales People





...we know you'll find the Sales Team Evaluation gold-dust.

These aren't just hunches about how to improve a sales team, they are data and science-backed insights.

After the questions are answered

We put in place a coaching and training programme to address the specific needs of each sales person and sales manager.

With tailored attention, your sales people and managers will improve in many areas, including pipeline accuracy, deal progression, prospecting and sales delivery.

It all starts with an Evaluation, carried out easily and quickly, delivering the insights that'll accelerate sales performance in no time.

How do you get hold of this gold-dust?

What Sales Team evaluation tool do we use?

We have partnered with Objective Management Group (OMG), Gold Medal Winner of the Top Assessment Tool for 10 consecutive years (2011-2020), to deliver these comprehensive and sales-shifting evaluations. (Banner to the right just became out of date!)

OMG is simply the best in the business.

A sample of well-known customers of the OMG Sales team Evaluations:

We are a certified OMG Partner

Accelerate Performance is one of only a handful of official, certified partners in the UK.

We are certified in Sales Force Evaluations and Sales Candidate Assessments.

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