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At Accelerate Performance, we focus on two main areas:


We do this through a range of services so that your people, the teams they work in, and your company can accelerate performance to achieve greater goals.

Across the spectrum of individuals, solopreneurs, small business through various states of investment, all the way up to large corporates, we provide a mix of services which enable sustained growth and change.

Based on the fundamental belief that businesses can only grow and change if the people within them allow and enable it, we deliver strong coaching, facilitation and training services to the people who will be the growth and change a business seeks.

With a speciality in sales and marketing we enable businesses to accelerate their growth through focused improvement programmes, based on the Sales & Marketing OPP Framework™ and the A.R.I.S.E Programme™.

Sales force evaluation

Can you accurately predict your sales outcome every month without fail?

Do deals ever slip?

Do you have enough late-stage developed pipeline coverage to back-fill slipped deals?

Do you know why some of your sales team is hitting number and some isn't?

Do you know how effective your sales management team is?

A full sales team evaluation will provide data and science-backed insights to fully optimise your team and ensure deals are more predictable, there's more in the pipeline and more of your team are on plan.

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sales candidate assessment

When you hire sales people, how do you know if they'll deliver or be an expensive mistake?

How can you hire based on sales competencies rather than hunches?

By using a Sales Candidate Assessment for your hiring process you'll decrease cost dramatically, increase productivity and ensure customer satisfaction.

92% of sales candidates we recommend become Top Performers. 75% of those we do not recommend fail within 6 months.

Find out how a Sales Candidate Assessment will help you.

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Using the latest techniques from the field of NLP combined with proven coaching methodologies, our accredited coaching service will enable you to achieve more of your potential and progress to new heights.

We focus on three areas:

Personal - you will set your goals, focus on the important tasks, take action and deliver results

Leadership - you've recently become a leader or want a refresher to enable you to be the best possible leader you can be

Executive - you've been promoted and it feels a little scary. The executive coaching will help you adjust, focus and flourish

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With decades of experience in sales, marketing and leading and coaching people, we are perfectly placed to help accelerate your sales, marketing or team performance.

With qualifications and accreditations from the top institutions, such as the Institute of Sales Management (ISM), the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), and membership of the Institute of Directors (IoD), and so much experience in the field leading teams, developing and implementing improvements, and delivering success, we have the tools, processes, skills and credibility to make positive change in your organisation.



Our team has led sales organisations across the world, from local small teams in start ups to global teams of hundreds of hungry salespeople.

We know what works and what doesn't, having learned from those who have gone before us and from our own mistakes.

If your organisation is in need of...

  • Go to market planning and territory design
  • Sales team structure
  • Sales rigour
  • Processes & tools
  • Sales Discipline
  • Sales person up-skilling
  • Sales person evaluation
  • Sales person hiring
  • Compensation plan development
  • Incentive development
  • Pipeline development rigour
  • Sales training

...then we can provide you with a consulting CRO who will take charge of your sales function and ensure it is firing on all cylinders in no time at all.



Are you facing any of the following challenges?

  • Aligning your marketing strategy to the post-Covid environment
  • Building, developing and coaching your marketing team to excel
  • Forging a productive partnership between marketing and sales
  • Creating or revitalising your brand
  • Launching a new range / product / service
  • Breaking into a new market
  • Raising your business’s profile to attract the right clients
  • Optimising your company’s profile for potential sale or acquisition

If the answer is “Yes”, you need a board-level marketer working with you - a Chief Marketing Officer.

We have an award-winning consulting CMO available within our team.

An effective CMO will provide the fresh, high-level marketing perspective to help you build a strategy and road map to drive your next phase of growth.

They can then work with your existing marketing team and/or bring in experienced specialists to deliver the correct marketing execution to ensure you can achieve your business goals.



We provide a mix of online training and in person, group sessions depending on the topic and objectives.

We deliver training and/or workshops on:

  • Personal Development and Goal-Getting (The Focus Action Results Course™)
  • Sales Management
  • Value-Selling
  • Executive-Based Selling
  • Sales and Marketing Intelligence
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Influence & Persuasion
  • Copywriting



If you want a lively, experienced, funny, professional  and energetic compere or facilitator for your event, meeting or workshop, then we've got just the facilitator for you.

We have facilitators who have travelled the world to get audiences on their feet, made them laugh, made them see things in a different way, and inspired them to become better versions of themselves and incredible team players.

We will leave your people feeling a renewed sense of purpose and commitment to themselves, each other and your company and its goals.



You need to rev your salespeople up and give them an event to remember. You want to make an impression on your customers.

We have speakers who will, above all else, leave your audience with a powerful emotional reaction. Your audience will learn something they never knew before and will carry that through to their lives. They will laugh and remember you for a great event.

We talk on topics ranging from 'achieving your bucket list' to 'how being a middle child sucks', and from 'why it's not a good idea to play chicken with a container ship' to 'getting what you want without being a prize ass'.



There's one critical component in your question for achievement and development and that's you, or your team members. Without you taking action and driving things forwards, nothing will happen.

That's why the FEDAMP MODEL™ focuses on the PERSON as one of the key 6 elements.

Your (or your team members') mental and physical well-being are critically important. That's why we run individual coaching and therapy sessions to help you be in top condition to tackle the tasks ahead, including, NLP coaching, timeline therapy and hypnotherapy.


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