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Value Proposition Development

Value Proposition Development is hard to get right.

So hard, that many companies don't really have one. Instead, there's a document which is really just a list of features and benefits.

A really well defined Value Proposition will set your business apart. It will show your customers that you understand what value means to them.

Value Proposition Development is hard because it requires you to have a deep understanding of your clients before you start.

Make it simple - use our value proposition development framework

  • For your existing services and products
    • Get closer to your prospects and customers by demonstrating a deep understanding of their industry, company and executives and what constitutes value to them
  • For new products and services
    • Start with the customer in mind - what challenges do they have and how does your offering enable them to hit their goals predictably, effortlessly and more speedily.

To develop a truly compelling Value Proposition, you first need to understand what constitutes value to your client.

Let us bring our experience and industry expertise to make this as simple and easy as possible.

Value Proposition Development

our 5-step value proposition development process


First, we will review the product, service or idea for which we’re developing a value proposition. We’ll look at your the purpose of the offering and gather as many ideas as possible about it. An output from this stage is a clear definition of what the offering is, its features and functionality. We will assess what its purpose for intended clients is.


Building on the stage above, we’ll assess what the ideal target customer is, along with the ideal buyer personas (roles). An output of this is a clear definition of the ideal target companies and personas are in order to develop the value proposition and to create a specific target market list.


In stage 3, a series of workshops will take place to develop the benefits statements for every feature and the overall service being offered. This will lead to the development of a set of values statements centred on ideal company and buyer persona needs. An additional output is to lay out the timeline for client value delivery.


While your offering provides many benefits and significant value, you operate in a competitive environment. At this stage an assessment of the competition and their relevant services is undertaken, including pricing strategy and timescales for delivering value.


In this final stage, we complete the set of unique value points (UVPs) and differentiators in the language of your ideal customers and their buyer personas.


An extra aspect of our service can be to help create tailored value propositions to specific companies and real, named executives. Make selling personal.

Value Proposition Development

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Value Proposition Development is a key element to the Offering Layer of the Sales OPP Framework™, where we look at all aspects of your business, its purpose, products, clients, go-to-market model, marketing and sales collateral.

For more information about the Sales OPP Framework™ visit our page about the Consulting CRO A.R.I.S.E Programme.

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