June 16


Share your goals and you’ll be more likely to reach them

By Ralph Varcoe

June 16, 2020

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5.3   Keeping Your Public Happy

Productivity hack no.50 from '60 Ways to Hurray! by Ralph Varcoe.

If you keep your aspirations and goals to yourself, you’re going to need to be super disciplined to run your own one-to-ones and monthly reviews. Perhaps the manager part of you will think it’s ok to let things slide as you know how hard the worker part of you has been pushing and how tired they are.

If you only talk about things with yourself then how are you going to get the coaching, guidance and moral support that we all need from time to time?

Your Public could be your spouse or best friend, mum or dad, or work colleague. It could be all of them. It’s your choice. But make them Your Public.

Why? Because they care about you and probably want to help. If you can clearly articulate why you’re driving to achieve something they can buy into your journey and support you along the way. It’s highly likely that whatever you’re looking to do is going to take time away from them or the things you have done before, and so you really ought to share with them so they can support and understand the purpose.

They can guide you, help you, give you the talking to you may need, be a listening ear, and even take you away from the pursuit of performance when needed.

But there’s another deeper psychological reason to consider doing this too.

We have a natural and subconscious desire to be congruent with commitments we make. Most people feel they are letting themselves and others down if they give up or don’t complete something they committed to by a stated date. It’s natural and inbuilt.

Why not use this to your advantage and commit what you’re doing, and by when you intend to have it done, to Your Public? They will keep you honest and driving yourself so you don’t let anyone, including them, down.

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