June 16


Learn from TED talks to up your game

By Ralph Varcoe

June 16, 2020

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5.5   Get a TED Injection

Productivity hack no.52 from '60 Ways to Hurray! by Ralph Varcoe.

Just as you can benefit from the morale boost provided by your public (friends, family, colleagues) you can also get one from watching a short inspirational video.

TED Talks (and the affiliated TEDx sessions) are short 15-20 minute talks delivered by all sorts of people from scientists, sports people, psychologists, entertainers, and public speakers, on many different topics. They embody the ethos of Parkinson’s Law by being restricted in duration. They are rich in great content and are in short, bite-sized chunks. Perfect for you as a really busy goal-chaser.

These TED talks are given at events around the world and are posted on the internet for anyone to benefit from, for free. There is a TED channel on some digital platforms in the UK and probably other countries too.

You can search for topics or speakers of interest and then press play.

20 minutes later I guarantee you’ll have been educated, entertained and inspired. I don’t recall watching any TED talk and not feeling like I’m a little bit better informed afterwards. I almost always finish them feeling inspired.

When you have a natural break in your day, kick back and watch a TED talk. It’ll give you an injection of inspiration and energy to keep on going.

Who knows, maybe one day, with all the things you’re achieving you could apply to give a TEDx talk. Now there’s a big hairy goal to keep you motivated and moving.

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