the FAR Planner® 

seize control of your day

achieve more - do less

Do you dream of all the things you could achieve, if only you had the time?

Do you feel too busy working, being a parent or living a full life to reach for your own goals?

Do you feel overwhelmed by all the work, life and personal demands placed on you?

We know it can be frustrating. We know that you have more to give, and more to achieve.

We know it feels like there are just too many things to get done and the to do list is out of control. We know it seems like there aren't enough hours in the day to do what needs to be done, let alone take on any personal goals.

We have a solution. One that will set you on course to having your best year ever and achieving things you once thought impossible.

The FAR Planner®  will get you focused and taking action so that you get the results you want in ALL areas of your life.

Invest Today For Your Success

  • 6” x 9” - the perfect size...slightly bigger than A5 to give more room for your goals, achievements and notes
  • Lays flat on your desk...easy view and constant reminder
  • Covers a 3-month period...allowing you to focus and achieve in quarter
  • Templates for Annual Goals, Goal Details, Perfect Week, Good Habits, Weekly Preview and Review, the Weekly Focus & Action pages, and a Quarterly Review 
  • Includes 200+ pages for note taking during the quarter
  • Bookmark ribbon - don't ever lose your place
  • A pen loop - no more hunting for a pen or having to remember to bring one!

4 Quarterly FAR Planners


1 Quarterly FAR Planner


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Preview the FAR Planner® pages below


Annual Goals - where you plan and write down your big annual goals


Goal Details - bring the goals to life


Perfect Week - if you could plan your week, your way


Good Habits - make good new habits a habit


Weekly Preview - what are you going to achieve?


Weekly Focus & Action - your week mapped out and planned


Weekly Review - how did you get on? What can be improved?


Quarterly Review - what did you achieve? What can be improved?

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A Separate Planner and Notebook? Nope. All Rolled into One.

Hi there,

I spent years trying all types of paper and digital planners, calendars and notebooks. None of them quite made the grade.

The planners were typically just that. Nowhere to take the notes I needed for job or home life. I'd have to take a planner AND a notebook around. Sometimes I'd have my notebook on me, other times just the planner. Two books was heavy. And confusing - I couldn't be certain which one I'd made the notes in I needed to refer back to.

THE FAR PLANNER® eliminates that challenge. It's both in one. You can plan, track, and take action while going about your normal daily business, taking notes.

It's no longer either / or. THE FAR PLANNER® is one destination for all of your goals, actions and notes. It's the one place where you can drive and deliver the results you have always wanted.

Be Busy AND Productive

Take control of your days and seamlessly juggle home, work and personal goals.

The FAR Planner® will make you prioritise and find the time to achieve what you have always wanted to.