improve sales performance and accelerate business performance

But why work with us? Put simply, because we improve sales performance, quickly.

We improves sales performance by getting your teams to FOCUS, take ACTION and deliver RESULTS through a series of targeted offerings:


Having worked with salespeople and sales teams across many organisations we know what levers to pull to make a really big difference quickly.

We undertake assessments of the team, evaluations of the individuals, the processes, tools, value propositions and management cadences, making recommendations that are practical and actionable.

We do this as consulting engagements, or can act as your consulting Chief Revenue or Sales Officer, giving you structure and and experienced perspective on all your sales activities.

Whichever service you take we'll help you improve your sales performance.


You know that marketing is critical, whether you're a large B2B corporate or a small B2C start-up. You know you don't have limitless funds and that the money has to work incredibly hard for you.

But how do you prioritise and where do you focus your scarce funds? We have lived and breathed this conundrum time and time again, so we have insights about what works and what doesn't.

If you need your marketing strategy or tactics assessed for a better return, or could do with a consulting CMO to own and deliver a strategy and tactics for you, then we can help.

These marketing initiatives will have a big impact on how you improve sales performance.


To accelerate company performance often means doing something different.

So, if you're going to do something different, exactly what are you going to do and how do you know it'll work? That's where we can help; we've led transformation and change in many companies globally, and have the scars to prove it.

And, if you're going to implement change, how do you plan to bring your people along with you? That's not easy! But, we've done this many times before, so are excellently placed to help facilitate this change with you.


Let's face it, nothing happens in life or business without people. You can have the best products and slickest processes (though most freely admit they don't) but if you have no people, you have nothing.

That's why we focus on the personal aspects of performance, goal-getting, development, and well-being.

We do this through coaching, mentoring, and training using the best coaching, NLP, hypnotherapy, timeline therapy™, and other tools available.


Did you know that the very qualities that may have got you to be promoted to becoming a leader could be the ones which prevent you from succeeding?

Say what?

That's right, scientific research has shown that the characteristics which got you to the top of the tree may be the very ones that cause you to fail.

Using the very latest in coaching, NLP, training and mentoring we guide people to be the best leaders they can be.


For teams to be high-performing they need leadership, purpose and commitment. It's not as simple as putting a group of people together and telling them to get something done.

We take lessons from the world of sport as well as those from groups who have achieved the extraordinary and model what they did so that your teams can do the same.

These group training sessions are fun, informative and will result in your team performing on a different level.

about us

Use our experience to help improve your sales performance

With more than 25 years experience and hundreds of sales, marketing, personal, team and leadership engagements under our belt, Accelerate Performance is perfectly placed to help your business and your people.

We have vast experience of coaching, consulting, business transformation, change and growth in global multi-billion dollar companies and the smallest of start-ups, alike.

With a laser focus on what it takes to deliver the changes and growth required, we'll work with you on a plan and then implement it quickly.

And what sets us apart? We focus on the people, as it is they who enact change. It is the people who make things happen and deliver for your business, day after day.

We make sure there's FOCUS, we help you drive ACTION and you get RESULTS so that you can improve sales performance.

Everything we do at Accelerate Performance is dedicated to enabling people to achieve the goals they want to achieve. Sometimes this means re-engineering the company processes, or implementing new tools or management practices, and so we do that as well.

Our philosophy is simple - if your people and their teams fly, then so will your business.

The Accelerate performance approach

Discover how we make the difference for your people and your company

We use a unique combination of tools and techniques across the organisational processes and tools, and people to get the results you're looking for.

Starting with assessments, we'll then plan for any improvements and drive the implementation for quickest results.

All of this is wrapped up with strong people coaching and support to ensure that the changes are adopted as new corporate and personal habits by everyone in the business.

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What our clients are saying

I’m the biggest procrastinator ever. I am the champion of waiting till the last minute. Sure enough, Ralph Varcoe addressed this head-on. I will review again and again as I chart my goals to improve my fitness and stamina in the coming months.



What I really like about Accelerate Personal Performance is the combination of storytelling and practical ideas. There are no ‘hacks’ or sugarcoating the hard work that is required to succeed but rather a big dollop of encouraging realism

solo atlantic rower

Ralph was a huge asset as a coach and mentor – helping us as to navigate the minefields of marketing, growth, and raising investment - as well as being a friendly and supportive voice through the peaks and troughs of our journey

Nick & Jo James

founders - bedfolk

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