April 28


The 3 most important things for productivity

By Ralph Varcoe

April 28, 2020

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1.3   Three Most Important Things

Productivity hack no.3 from '60 Ways to Hurray! by Ralph Varcoe.

In this productivity hack we'll look at the three most important things and why it's so important to write them down before you go to bed.

Before you go to bed at night, write down the three most important tasks you need to achieve the next day. Don’t wait until you wake up a bit spaced out with the day-to-day stresses of getting kids up, the commute, or the horror of the news programmes (more on news later!).

Be really clear about what is going to move you forwards and then rank them. Pick the top three and these become your immediate To Dos in the morning.

Your list may have a dozen things on it, but it’s the top three that you need to focus on.

How do you decide what the most important tasks are? In section 1.6 Important or Urgent we look at how to evaluate which the highest priority tasks are.

Once you have your top three written down, you can go to bed clear in the knowledge that you have a plan set. As you sleep soundly your subconscious can get to work helping you complete them relatively quickly when you wake.

The next morning, clear of distractions, set about completing those three tasks before you tackle anything else.

Imagine the feeling once you’ve ticked them off. Tasks that are moving you substantially closer to achieving your goals. Everything else that day will feel like icing on top of a really fine cake.

Now imagine you leave them and don’t tackle them in the morning. It’s getting to the afternoon and you’re a little tired from the day, in need of a pick-you-up. These three things are still hanging over you. You’re no further towards your goal but you feel like you’ve been really busy, nonetheless. You try to tackle them that evening and manage only one and a bit. You fall asleep wishing you’d been a bit more organised with a lot of regret, feeling overwhelmed.

I know which one I’d rather feel.

Get the three most important things defined before you sleep. Then tackle them first.

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