June 16


Try a cold shower to boost your motivation

By Ralph Varcoe

June 16, 2020

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Productivity hack no.55 from '60 Ways to Hurray! by Ralph Varcoe.

Here’s a tip that I am almost certain most of you will react with “Think I’ll give that a miss!” But I’m including it anyway because it might just be something that at certain times gives you the boost you need.

Cold showers. Yep. Cold showers.

I can feel you shivering at the mention of them. But there are health benefits as well as short-term improvements. You know that feeling, on a beach in the baking sun, overheating as you sip the 3rd Mojito of the afternoon. You dance down to the water’s edge trying to avoid burning the soles of your feet on the scorching sand. You feel the instant relief of the colder sea water on your sizzling toes. Then you splash down, burying your shoulders in the water. Which feels Freezing! But by Jove does it feel good for a while. Out you get and the water evaporates from your skin quicker than a Dyson hand dryer can strip your hands of any moisture.

I know it doesn’t feel quite like that in the middle of winter when the central heating is on full blast and the water really is blooming freezing when it falls from the shower head, but it’s just as good for you and very refreshing.

There’s something called the Wim Hof method, which advocates the use of cold for long-term health benefits. You can search it out and see they advocate lying in a bath of ice. That’s taking it a bit far for me, but the idea of a cold shower is sometimes great.

There are claims that a cold shower helps to reduce stress levels by increasing stress on the body in the short term and thus making the recipient a little bit hardened towards it. Regular exposure to the cold can increase the white blood cell count and help with immunity. It can stimulate your metabolic rate and so potentially help with weight maintenance or loss. But for me, the most significant benefit is that it’s such an excruciating shock to the system that it really wakes me up.

Whenever you’re feeling a little bit dull and need a short, sharp energy lift, take a cold shower. You’ll suddenly feel very alert, and in the regular partaking of this evil ritual you’ll be doing a world of good for your health.

Are you hard enough to take on this challenge??

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