sales candidate assessments

The problem with the way sales people are hired today

Sales Candidate Assessments are the best tool to ensure that you hire the right salespeople and sales managers. Why? Because....

Past performance is used as a predictor of future performance.

(It isn't. You don't use that logic on the stock market!)

Personality assessments are used (sometimes).

(They tell you nothing about sales)

Hiring manager has a gut feel.

(Check whether your gut was ever wrong before)

Onboarding is generic.

(One-size fits all is a poor strategy)

Recruiters want their fees....over and over

(It's their business model to fill your vacancies over and over and over)

You take an unqualified leap of faith!

(Did you take an unqualified leap of faith when buying a house or getting married?)

There's a better way to recruit sales people and managers

  • Sales Candidate Assessments deliver data and insights about the sales capabilities of each candidate
  • Sales Candidate Assessments are accurate and predictive of success
  • Sales Candidate Assessments reduce risk and cost of poor hiring decisions
  • Sales Candidate Assessments provide a detailed analysis of each hire, meaning you can provide a tailored onboarding experience
  • Sales Candidate Assessments reduce time to sales productivity

The single more effective way to reduce time, money, risk and lack of growth is to rigorously assess your recruitment candidates against sales competencies, Sales DNA and their Will to Sell. Then you get a truly predictive indicator of future success.

find out how a sales candidate assessment will help you

Sales Candidate Assessments

What's the problem with how we've hired before?

Ask yourself these questions:

What's the sales staff turnover level?

Are all your sales people smashing their number? Do you know why not?

How long does it take to get a seller fully productive?

(Hint: 11-12 months!)

How much does it cost to hire the wrong and unproductive sales people and managers? In time, lost opportunity, recruitment fees, training, management overhead, wasted time with customers and poor customer experience??

(Hint: this can be 6 figures per seller)

the sales candidate assessments measure real sales competencies

Will to Sell/Manage - desire, commitment, outlook, responsibility and motivation

Sales DNA - the predictors that show what type of sales role the person is most suited to

Selling Competencies - the teachable and coachable competencies required to be an amazing sales person or manager

predictors you can rely on (with a guarantee)

Our Sales Candidate Assessments will clearly tell you whether the candidate passes:

-  If they are 'Not Recommended' you should NOT hire them.

-  If they are 'Worthy of Consideration' they may be lacking in one or more area, but these could be trained or coached.

-  If they are 'Recommended' then we are confident they are good hires for your team.

We know the Sales Candidate Assessment works because it has been used extensively:


Assessments Completed

92% of OMG Recommended Candidates become TOP Performers

75% of Not Recommended Candidates FAIL in 6 months

These aren't just hiring hunches, they are data and science-backed predictive insights.

GUARANTEE: Success is guaranteed or the assessment is free.

How do i get an assessment? Do you offer a free trial?

Yes - we offer a free trial. Click on the button to set up a call to discuss:

What sales candidate evaluation tool do we use?

We have partnered with Objective Management Group (OMG), Gold Medal Winner of the Top Assessment Tool for 9 consecutive years (2011-2019), to deliver these comprehensive and sales-shifting evaluations. 

OMG is simply the best in the business.

A sample of well-known companies that use the OMG assessments:

We are a certified OMG Partner

Accelerate Performance is one of only a handful of official, certified partners in the UK.

We are certified in Sales Force Evaluations and Sales Candidate Assessments.

find out how a sales candidate assessment will help you

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