June 15


You won’t make progress if you don’t start!

By Ralph Varcoe

June 15, 2020

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4.3   Just Start. Anywhere.

Productivity hack no.43 from '60 Ways to Hurray! by Ralph Varcoe.

However you like to start (tough or small) there is one fundamental thing to remember. You actually need to start. Just start.

You’ve spent time building your project lists. You’ve defined your ultimate goals and added well thought through process goals along the way. The lists look endless. You might even feel a bit overwhelmed by it all.

You’re not alone. I am an avid list writer and have plenty of goals. I get overwhelmed, often. Staring at your lists you may wonder where to start. This project or that? Which of the tasks to start with? Small or tough?

There are two steps:

  1. Prioritise which project you’ll tackle first
  2. Then start something. IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT OR WHERE

Seriously, it doesn’t matter whether you start in the middle, towards the end or at the beginning. What matters is that you start. Start something that begins the journey towards your goal.

When a car starts moving it has to overcome the inertia of its own weight, along with friction of moving parts and the wind. It takes quite a bit to get over this initial inertia. But by the time the car is running along the road it takes less effort to keep it going. The momentum carries you down the road and it’s quicker and less difficult to keep on moving.

It’s the same for your projects. The first few steps are often daunting and tough, but once you’re moving, momentum keeps you going.

It doesn’t matter where you start. It just matters that you do start.

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Ralph Varcoe

About the author

For over 20 years, Ralph has run sales and marketing teams across large enterprises and smaller start-ups, at companies such as Orange, Tata Communications, Virgin Media, Spirit Ai and others. He brings a wealth of experience in personal and professional development with a laser focus on enabling people to achieve more than they thought possible. He's a published author and musician with a passion for creating - be that change, the right solution, exciting campaigns, the right environment for customers to succeed, or podcasts, videos and written content.

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