The FEDAMP Productivity Model™

FEDAMP Productivity Model

What is the FEDAMP Productivity Model™?

The FEDAMP Productivity Model™ presents the six key elements that need attention when striving to be productive and achieve goals. These six areas are:

  1. FOCUS - This is where you define what you intend to achieve, your goals, sub-goals, and the plan
  2. EFFICIENCY - We only have a certain limited time available in any day so to make more time for the things you want to do you need to become efficient at the things you have to do
  3. DISTRACTIONS - They are everywhere, all trying to take you off course. This is all about eliminating distractions.
  4. ACTION - Nothing gets done unless action is taken. This is where you start doing and keep on doing.
  5. MOTIVATION - This is the 'why you're doing it'. What will keep you going, even in the darkest of times?
  6. PERSON - Without you there are no goals and no action. Looking after yourself is critical.

And, the bonus in the diagram which spans throughout all of the six areas, is GOOD HABITS. You can't simply stop bad habits; you must replace them with good ones. The more good habits you adopt the easier being a productive ninja will be.

Where can I find out more about the FEDAMP Productivity Model™?

Find out more in our Focus Action Results Course™ here.