April 28


Learn to focus by writing everything down

By Ralph Varcoe

April 28, 2020

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1.1   Write, write, write. Right?

Productivity hack no.1 from '60 Ways to Hurray! by Ralph Varcoe.

In this productivity hack we'll look at how much you can remember?

Have you played that game where you get shown a heap of things on a table or tray and you have to remember as many as you can after only looking at it for a minute or so? There used to be a game show on British TV called “The Generation Game” in which contestants had to memorise the items on a conveyor belt and then win them if they could recall what they were. There was always a cuddly toy!

How many things can you remember in a game like that? (Can you even remember playing the game?).

I sometimes find it hard to remember what happened yesterday because life is so full and busy.

I attend meetings and am amazed that some people bring a note book but barely open it to take notes. I used to be super impressed that their memory was awesome, and a little bit jealous that it was clearly better than mine.

Only, it wasn’t! Guaranteed that a week later I’d ask them about a specific point from the meeting they wrote no notes in and they hadn’t the foggiest idea. I, on the other hand, knew. Why?

Because I’d written it all down.

Make notes. Make more notes. Write it all down because unless you are someone with an eidetic memory (photographic) you’re going to forget some of it.

And bad news for those of us getting a bit older…..it gets worse. So, keep copious notes. Always.

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